We all know far too well how important it is to keep in touch with your family, boss, landlord, social worker, etc... That is why at Inn From The Cold we decided to offer a free voicemail service to anyone who struggles to provide contact information. 

The service requires all potential users to provide an email address upon registration. If you are without an email address, we will set one up for you. 

After a message is recorded, an email is sent containing the audio file of that message to the intended recipient. Anyone using the service will receive all their messages online in the form of an email. We recommend the public library as a source for guests to get internet access when not at the Inn.  

The voicemail service uses a separate phone line from the Inn and it will not indicate anything about the shelter for the privacy of those using the service. The service simply greets callers and directs them to record their message. 

All IFTC staff are trained to set up the voicemail service and can fill out a request for the service on the spot. 

Our Address:
510 Penrose St,
Newmarket, Ont.
L3Y 1A2