Guest health and wellness matters

As Canadians, access to proper healthcare is a right. But for many people struggling with homelessness, gaining access to this necessity is not only challenging but oftentimes impossible for various reasons. Therefore, as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our winter shelter guests, we work with various community agencies to offer health related services, including:

  • A Health Nurse on site once or twice a week during the season
  • A Mental Health Professional on site once a week during the season
  • Addiction Services of York is also available upon request

We have two primary goals for this program:

  • To provide supplemental health services to our guests/clients of the hub. Agencies involved in the program have also begun to refer their clients to our Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World Program.
  • To review client scenarios and try to develop the best and quickest response to aid each client. This includes the sharing of information with each other to improve client success.

If you are seeking support, we are here to assist you. Contact us today to learn more.

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